OROGEN Pte Ltd participates in the global supply chains of dry bulk commodities. Our in-focus products include chrome ore, iron ore, manganese, nickel ore, energy coal, metallurgical coal and shipping.

OROGEN finances the mining, processing and transport of physical dry bulk commodities around the globe. We partner with resource projects as both merchant off-taker and marketing agent, leveraging our decade's of experience in the high-growth demand markets in Asia to optimise market distribution and manage execution risk. OROGEN provides its consumers with a suite of bulk commodity products, sales structure's and bespoke price and hedging solutions.  We understand fully the demands of feeding heavy industrial plant.

Upholding the spirit of the commercial relationship is paramount to OROGEN. We engage with our suppliers, supply-chain service providers and consumers for the long-run, understanding the mutual value that can be unlocked. Our Team is specifically located where we originate and deliver our products to ensure real-time access for our customers and critically, to manage and mitigate risk. 

OROGEN is a private Company headquartered in Singapore. OROGEN was incorporated in Singapore in 2016 by the founding shareholders and executive management team.






The OROGEN Team retains deep relationships with all the major vessel owners and operators. We offer our clients containerised, break bulk and/or bulk delivery solutions across all vessel sizes via the best fleets and most reliable service providers in the relevant markets.  




Decades of experience in our focus markets means we respect, plan and structure for the unpredictability of physical delivery. We partner with our customers to engineer commercially pragmatic financing, offtake, sales and hedging agreements that provide maximum return potential for both parties but also the mechanisms that allow relationships to endure through periods of increased market volatility.  

We use typical trade finance instruments, bespoke structured finance and hedging solutions and/or partner with third-party capital to enable our mining and processing customers to acquire assets, commence mining, expand production and commission or upgrade plant. Similar financing facilities enable our consumers to better manage raw product inventory, working capital and costs.  



OROGEN uses its proven skills, techniques and risk management policies to deliver its Clients access to derivative and futures markets, value-added price risk management solutions and generally, the opportunity to protect their expected margins.  Orogen systematically covers and reviews market, credit and operational risk. Market risk is controlled via stringent trading guidelines that incorporate best-practice metrics and techniques, diligently overseen by a dedicated and experienced control hierarchy.




OROGEN is headquartered in Singapore and is represented by fully-staffed offices in South Africa and China. OROGEN is located where our in-focus bulk commodities are financed, produced and consumed. Best practice dictates close proximity to our clients, their mines, processing facilities, kilns, boilers or furnaces and intermodal transport points, bonded inventory, ports and banks.